I wonder…

I wonder where this girl got her expressiveness from… I wonder….

A Day at the Doctor’s


We spent nearly a whole day getting the whole family physicals and shots. What a marathon!

Little Chunk




From Pakistan. Assylum seeker due to sexual assault and death threats because of being a Christian. Lives from day to day by God’s provision. Her testimony, “I don’t have honey. I don’t have bread. I don’t have oil. But here I am eating honey. Eating bread. Eating oil. God is taking care of us.”



to the right: Pi Jaa (our local teammate who lives with us) and Khun Got – Christian history scholar and friend. Both Thai Anabaptists. (a rare thing.)

Anjali is a good big sister


Husband Feats

Steve carrying home a weeks worth of groceries on his bike… and waking me up to fresh scones in the morning. WOW. Thank you.