Meeting Tierzah

Hospital room views

August 17th

Tierzah – “She is my delight” Noelle “Special birth” Horst – (Eagle’s nest!!??!!🙂

August 17th, 7lbs 6 oz 20 in


Perfect Timing Part 2

At 1 pm I was starting to get louder, but we thought there was a ways to go because they were still very manageable pain-wise. Things picked up and then I had some really long contractions back to back. Suddenly I was pushing while still covered with the blanket and laying on my side. And the doctor tried to hush me, she was worried I was going to get hoarse. I was thinking to myself, hoarseness isn’t really on my mind right now! I can’t bear this a second longer and anyway she is actually half out! (but I couldn’t exactly explain that in the moment.) Well, after that it occurred to them to look under the blanket covering me – and Oh My! She’s already lying there! Surprise! That was kindof funny. She was quite purple and took a while to pink up, but soon all was red and rosy. To my doctor’s credit she took good care of me, mostly protecting my interests while also making sure I was very safe.

Perfect Timing


God has perfect timing. On Monday we enjoyed family, S&J went on an anniversary date, and we also worked on getting out quarterly report done. On Tuesday, S&J’s Ethiopian friends came over in the afternoon. I took Maia, Anjali, and Emmanuel to the playground/Anjali’s Thai lesson and had an exciting scooter ride in the rain with all the kids back to home. We made a big meal for the crowd. I thought to myself, either it is the exertion or maybe something different might be happening. I tried not to get my hopes up.


Laying in bed ready to turn out the light, my water broke with quite the explosion. It was such a shock. All the kids were sleeping, and J stayed home while Steve, Hosanna and I got into the taxi around 11 pm. About 2 hours later, labor had picked up into for real. Once again Phyathai hospital was a peaceful and comfortable place to labor.



On Saturday we did a massive shop at Macro with kids in tow. It almost killed us, but we had to do it! Then Sunday the dear long-awaited cousins arrived! The Thomas family! SO excited and happy to be together.


A few last outings


We went to Queen Sirikit Park about 2 days before Thai mother’s day (the Queen’s birthday). It was LOVELY. There was a plant exhibition with orchids of all kinds in celebration of her birthday. The kids ran like wild. We tried to keep up. It wasn’t without its misshaps, though, as usual, we had left plenty of time for a drive home, bedtime routine and work skype – but, they locked the gates all except one, and we wandered around trying to find our way out. Then our taxi driver – instead of following our directions (cuz on google you can see which roads are blocked!), took us STRAIGHT into the worst traffic jam – and we sat for a half hour. I wrestled Anjali in the back seat trying not to feel frustrated about yet another late bedtime. We read bedtime stories from kindle and played a guessing game to pass the time and pacify the wild ones… therein, the classic Bangkok outing designed to test one’s patience and flexibility.


We went to the playground. There was some fun play! More of this, Lord.


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